4 Of The Best Ways To Prepare For Your Wax.

4 Of The Best Ways To Prepare For Your Wax.

Make sure your hair is long enough

We have a saying at Lucy’s Studio when it comes to knowing whether or not your hair is long enough to wax. Its “a quarter of an inch or enough to pinch”. This means that your hair is long enough for you to pinch with your fingertips. The reason hair length is important is because if your hair is too short the hard wax will not be able to grip the hair well enough to effectively remove it.

If it is your first time waxing we suggest allowing the hair to grow just past this point. Having a little extra length will help you have the easiest and most effective first time waxing experience. This means a faster wax with little to no tweezing required.


24 hours before your visit to Lucy’s Studio step into the shower with a natural exfoliant like our sugar scrub or a dry brush and get to scrubbing. Exfoliating your skin removes the dead outer layer of your skin and while leaving your skin nice and smooth it also makes it easier for your waxing tech to remove the hair. Exfoliating also helps you avoid ingrown hairs and breakage during your wax

Drink plenty of water

Hydrated skin is happy skin! Let’s just start by saying please please please drink more water. Your organs love it when you stay hydrated and your skin will too! Well hydrated skin will allow for the hair to release with more ease and give you a more comfortable waxing experience.

Keeping it pain free

If you’re afraid of your waxing experience being less than comfortable then we recommend taking a Tylenol or Motrin about an hour before your appointment. There are also numbing creams and gels available that can be applied 15 minutes prior to your wax. Our favorite numbing gel is Numb-it by PFB Vanish.