What Do I Do After I Wax?

What Do I Do After I Wax?

So you just got a wax what’s next? Enjoying your smooth skin and aftercare of course!

Just like any other form of skin care aftercare works best when done consistently. Skin care is not a crockpot you can’t just set it and forget it, for the best results you must set aside a few minutes of your daily routine to care for your skin. We promise it’s worth it!

24 hours after your wax

Most Bare Babes can resume normal activity immediately following a wax but if you have sensitive skin then these tips can help you have the best Bare experience.

24 hours after your waxing session you may experience a little bit of sensitivity-this is very normal. Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also exfoliate the skin this means that in the hours following your wax your freshly exfoliated skin may need a little TLC.

If you have sensitive skin we recommend that you avoid exercise, tight clothing, and UV exposure for about 24 hours. Tight clothing and friction/sweating from exercise can cause undesired irritation to your freshly waxed skin. Your Skin is also more likely to burn if exposed to UV rays shortly after a wax so give yourself 24 hours before getting your tan on.

Don’t shave between appointments

If you are waxing regularly there is no need to shave between appointments.Your hair will naturally begin to thin and the growth will slow. If it is your first time waxing allow your hair to grow long enough that your first waxing session is an effective one. Shaving between appointments could cause you to throw off your growth patterns which can make it harder for your tech to remove all of your unwanted hair. Allowing your hair to grow back in on a schedule will ensure your waxing sessions are quick and effective.

Staying Smooth

To avoid ingrown hairs and promote healthy skin we recommend exfoliating in the shower at least every other day. Doing this helps to remove dead skin and allow for new hair growth to come through without getting blocked behind dead skin.

We also recommend the use of an aftercare serum. Our serum Smooth Operator covers your aftercare needs in a single serum that you simply use once a day!

We cannot stress this enough: whatever you do take care of your skin post wax. Aftercare procedures are designed to keep you bump and breakout free and to make your next wax is as effective as the first.