Benefits Associated With Male Body Waxing.

Benefits Associated With Male Body Waxing.

Body waxing has long been considered more of a girls’ thing than a guys’ thing, but that could be in the process of changing. Recent years have seen a big uptick in the number of men who have considered various areas of waxing, services that provide them numerous benefits in several potential areas.

At Lucy’s Studio, we offer a wide range of male waxing services, from body waxing to facial waxing and even spray tanning. If you’ve never undergone a wax before, let our waxing pros explain to you just how many positive benefits you may find from beginning such services regularly – this two-part blog will go over several areas many men find enormously beneficial.

Hygiene Benefits

Many men don’t realize that their body hair is a prominent source of poor hygiene areas. Hair often stores smells, moisture, sweat and other elements, the latter in particular being something men produce at far greater rates than women. For men with significant odors and lots of hair, the stench can be significant.

If there’s no hair present, however, one major storage area for poor odors is gone. For men who regularly deal with smell concerns coming from a particular area of the body, waxing this region may help more than you could have ever imagined. Not only will you feel cleaner, you’ll actually be cleaner as well.

Individual and Partner Preference

In many cases, men are introduced to waxing by a female partner. This is often because the partner in question prefers the smoother feel, but it often leads to a predictable result: Men trying it for the first time realize how much they enjoy it, and it begins to become their preference as well. Many men notice significant benefits to a hair-free body or even just certain areas, from hygiene to permanent hair growth and many others.

Hair Growth Changes

Some men strongly dislike their hair growth in certain areas, and waxing can be a benefit here as well. Hair that regrows after waxing has been done in the area is generally softer and finer, and this effect only grows as you perform a greater number of waxes. Over enough time and with enough waxing treatments, hair growth may slow down in the area altogether, or even eventually go away entirely.

Athletic Performance

For certain athlete types, waxing isn’t an option – it’s an outright necessity. The simplest example here is likely swimmers, who have known for decades that they’ll glide faster within the water if their exposed areas are completely free of hair. Triathletes are also known to wax often, which helps with their swimming cycle and increases biking safety.